Audio & Rush Transcript: Governor Hochul is a Guest on Spectrum News (2024)

Earlier today, Governor Hochul was a guest on Spectrum News to update New Yorkers on Meeting with Pope Francis and visit to Italy.

AUDIO of the Governor's remarks is available here.

A rush transcript of the Governor's remarks is available below:

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: We're joined now by Governor Kathy Hochul, who is in Ireland currently after visiting the Vatican for the Pope's Climate Summit. Governor, thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate the time. Let's start with that summit. Tell us about your message there and some of the big takeaways in Italy.

Governor Hochul: Well, that was a conference put on by the Vatican, and they invited world leaders who are leading the charge when it comes to climate change.

They wanted to have a gathering of the best minds, the academics, mayors and governors who really have taken this issue on in a very profound way. And I listened to the Pope speak in the morning and he talked about our responsibility to others and making sure that as we lead our nations in transitioning to clean energy and renewables, that we also make sure that those from disadvantaged communities have the resources they need to do the same and not be bearing the brunt of additional costs.

I adopted his views. We spoke in the morning. I spoke about that exact premise in the afternoon about all the things we're doing in the State of New York — which are extraordinary — but very much with an eye toward the communities that are struggling already and making sure that we find a path forward that ensures that they're not hit hard with additional costs. So, those are my priorities in being here today.

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: This was a worldwide summit. Where does New York stand with regard to tackling climate if you're looking at other countries, and particularly in Europe?

Governor Hochul: Well, certainly New York is viewed as one of the global leaders. That's why I was invited to speak about what we're doing. Our $4.2 billion Bond Act that was overwhelmingly supported by New York voters, which I'm proud to tell people about, that, you know, people all across our State understand the urgency around this to build up resiliency — whether it's our subways, whether it's our shorelines along our coastal areas, Long Island all the way up to the Hudson Valley.

We've seen extreme, extreme weather events just in the two and a half years I've been Governor, with hurricanes and thousand-year flooding events and historic heat and the air quality — just a year ago, we were dealing with the wildfires from Quebec and extreme snow.

We’ve dealt with a lot here in the State of New York. And when you talk about that, as I've said, we're the first generation to really feel the effects of climate change, but truly the last to be able to do anything about it. And that's the message I want to deliver. There's an urgency out there and we have a responsibility to others. Others in our own country, others in other countries, that are not having the same resources that we have to be able to address this.

So, they asked me to participate as a global leader on this issue, and I was very proud to be able to make the trip and to talk about exactly what we're doing in New York.

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: Governor Hochul, we saw a picture of you with Pope Francis. I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you what that moment was like for you.

Governor Hochul: Well, I was raised as an Irish Catholic, and my grandparents had a picture of the Pope back when I was a little girl visiting their home. So, to meet him in person — this person who is so holy and just represents the values that I associate with the Catholic Church. That we live by the Beatitudes, which tells us to look out for the poor and the homeless and the needy, and that is our moral responsibility.

So, we've talked about, you know, his blessing for New Yorkers. I certainly asked him if he comes to New York, we'd love to welcome him. And he said to ask me to pray for him as well.

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: All right, now on to the Irish part of that. You said you're an Irish Catholic, and that you grew up that way.

You just spent time with the Pope and now you're in Ireland for a global economic summit. What do you expect to discuss while you're there?

Governor Hochul: I was asked to attend this summit here in Ireland to talk about cities and the future of cities. And as a representative of one of the most – well, certainly the most recognized and most powerful city on the planet, New York City, as well as our Upstate cities, I have a unique opportunity to talk about how we're meeting those challenges.

For example, talk about my transformative housing plan, which is a common, common denominator. As I'm in Ireland and other countries, they're all dealing with the shortage of housing and affordability, but they're looking to a place like New York that has come up with a vision on how we can address that for New Yorkers and coming down to affordability.

I also want to talk about our economic development strategies. I'm meeting other businesses as well. There's a lot of U.S. companies, New York companies that are here. We want to create more opportunities for Irish companies to invest in New York.

So, that's an important part of it when I meet with the Taoiseach, which is actually the Prime Minister. So, those are the conversations I'll be having as well as putting a spotlight on what we're doing with immigration and affordability and how we're addressing homelessness and people with mental illness.

These are all the issues that cities face, but really charting a path forward with a vision on how to deal with those and to just ensure that New York State, all of our cities from New York City to Buffalo to Albany – everywhere is involved in this resurgence. There's an interest of people wanting to live together once again in cities, and it's our job to keep them safe and affordable.

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: That answer is part of my next question. But if you could go more in depth a little bit, because there are taxpayers in New York here who will look at this and say, “Well, why does our Governor need to travel to Europe? Why does she need to go to Italy and Ireland on taxpayer dollars?” What is the importance of these trips for us here in New York as New Yorkers?

Governor Hochul: Well, it certainly puts New York in the spotlight. We are a destination for companies, and when you actually go to where they are and meet with them – I met leaders in Italy as well. I have three major companies, talked to them about opportunities to come to New York, invest in New York, bring their dollars to be part of our economic system, and to create jobs.

So, I will go anywhere, any time to recruit businesses to the State of New York, just as I was able to bring in Micron with 50,000 new jobs in Upstate New York and countless other businesses. They expect to see a Governor. They want to see that there's engagement and involvement from the state level. And sometimes, it requires some travel.

But also, both these speeches I delivered: these were important to showcase New York's leading role in climate change today in Italy but also tomorrow, this weekend in Ireland to be talk about how we are reimagining our cities and learning from others, but also sharing what we're doing in New York.

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: Governor, you're currently in Ireland. Now, Ireland is poised to vote to recognize Palestine as a state with the U.N. General Assembly. As a pro-Israel Governor, do you agree with that, or do you disagree? And will that be a topic of discussion anywhere with Irish leaders this weekend?

Governor Hochul: Well, we'll certainly see what's on the Prime Minister's agenda tomorrow. I know we will be talking about housing for sure. We'll be talking about dealing with immigration. And there are many migrants who are coming here from the Middle East looking for assistance. So, we'll be having conversations along those lines.

Marisa Jacques, Spectrum: Governor Kathy Hochul, thank you so much for the time. Enjoy your trip in Ireland. Just out of Italy and we'll look forward to speaking with you when you get back about both of those trips. Thanks for the time.

Governor Hochul: Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Bye bye.

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Audio & Rush Transcript: Governor Hochul is a Guest on Spectrum News (2024)
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