What is Italian slang for trashy? (2024)

What is Italian slang for trashy?

trashy {adjective}

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What is Italian slang for rubbish?

rubbish! (informal) sciocchezze! ⧫ fesserie!

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What does Minkya mean in Italian?

1. MINCHIA. This is the first word that you hear, arriving in Sicily, and the last word that you hear when leaving. The literal translation - "male genital organ", although Sicilians use it for the expression of a wide range of emotions: gratitude, joy, anger, worry, fear, contentment, wonder and so on.

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What is Italian slang for tacky?

PACCHIANO definition | Cambridge Dictionary.

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What is Italian slang for fat slob?

Origin: Ciccio = Fat + Bomba = Bomb. Context: This term is used by Italian youth to call a male individual a “Fat Guy.” Sentence Example: Ehi Cicciobomba, perdere un po 'di peso! – Hey you fat slob, lose some weight!

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What is the Italian slang word for disgusting?

schifoso/a ⧫ disgustoso/a.

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What does Marone mean in Italian?

Marone! This is another exclamation that you will hear frequently in The Sopranos and in context, it means "damn it!" Just as with the above examples of slang from the show, this too is actually a corrupted version of a standard Italian word.

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What does stugots mean in Italian?

Stugots is Italian mob slang lingo - Italian term that refers to the male genetalia. It is used to describe an idiot or a jerk. Stugots is also the name of Tony Sopranos boat on the HBO series The Sopranos.

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What does Putzi mean in Italian?

Putzi is a cute and affectionate term that is often used to describe little kids or pets. It's a combination of the Italian word “piccolo,” meaning small or tiny, and the suffix -uzzi, which adds a sense of playfulness and endearment to the word.

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What does Cheech mean in Italian?

"Cheech is 'Frank' in Italian. It's a neighborhood thing. These guys get their nicknames like anyone else, as young kids in the neighborhood." Of course, former Lopez client Anthony "The Hatchet" Chiaramonti was known for attacking juice-loan delinquents with a hatchet, the attorney acknowledged.

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What is a stunad?

[Italian slang] a stupid person.

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What does Monella mean in Italian slang?

/mo'nɛlːo/ (also monella /a/ [ feminine ]) rascal , scamp , urchin. fare il monello to be a rascal.

What is Italian slang for trashy? (2024)
What does basta mean in sicilian?

Italian and Spanish verb

bas·​ta ˈbä-stä : that's enough : stop it!

What does Fazool mean in Italian slang?

Italian for bean. Term used for money or a bill. Hey Ma, you gonna make your famous pasta fagioli? I dropped 100 fazools at the craps table!

What does Moron mean Italian?

(informal, offensive) idiota mf ⧫ deficiente mf.

What is Italian slang for hottie?

hottie {noun}

gran figo {m} [coll.] gnocco {m} [dial.]

What is stinky in Italian?

While puzzare is the verb, puzzolente is the adjective ('stinky') and una puzza is the noun ('a stink' or 'stench').

What is a Mezza Fanook?

Updates. Variant of fanook. Italian Italian term for one who is homosexual, or seems homosexual.

What does Fanook mean?

Italian (/fi'nɔkkjo/) Italian term for one who is homosexual, or seems homosexual.

What Fangool means?

Etymology and terminology

The etymology of fangool comes from the Serer phrase Fang Qool which means the sacred serpent the plural of which is pangool. Fangool means serpent.

What does baccala mean in Italian slang?

It's an insult used to address an incompetent and stupid person. "È un baccalà, non è buono a niente!" "He is a salted codfish, a good-for-nothing!"

What is a bacala in Italian slang?

Baccala(salted cod in Italian) is slang for a stupid person, or someone who does something stupid. "You're stupid as a fish" eh baccala!

What does Noni mean Italian?

Other Origin(s):Italian. Meaning:Ninth; Grandparents. Short, sweet, and cute, the name Noni is the perfect moniker to bestow upon bouncing babies who beam with happiness and joy. It sounds quite like Nonni, which means “grandparents” in Italian, making for a fitting choice for babies who have an old soul.

What does Gorga mean in Italian?

Italian (southern) and Catalan: topographic name from Sicilian gorga Catalan gorg(a) 'place where water collects' 'mill pond gorge'.

What does puzi mean in italian?

Full verb table intransitive verb auxiliary verb: avere. puzzare (di) to smell (of) ⧫ stink (of) puzza di fumo it stinks of smoke.

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